Position Papers

Position papers are highly encouraged and are required in order for a delegate to receive any Conference award. Requirements for position papers are as follows:

  • Maximum one page (single-spaced)

  • 12 point text

  • Times New Roman font

  • One inch margins

  • Sources must be included (not included in one page maximum)

  • Heading template:

    • Committee Name

    • Country Name

    • School Name

    • Date


Typically position papers are divided into three paragraphs:

Part 1 - Description of the topic as it pertains to one's member state

Part 2 - Official positions of one's member state

Part 3 - Proposed solutions to the topic as described by one's member state

Position papers are due on or before Tuesday, January 9th, 2018. Position papers must be submitted electronically to papers@emunc.org before this date to be considered for awards.

When composing the email, the subject should read: "[Country] Position Paper - Committee" with the appropriate country replacing the blank.

Ex: "Bolivia Paper - UNODC" or "Switzerland Paper - OAS"