Position Papers

Position papers give delegates the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of and research into their respective country's position on the issues to be addressed at EMUNC 2018

Position Papers

Position papers are highly encouraged and are required in order for a delegate to receive any Conference award. Requirements for position papers are as follows:

  • Maximum one page (single-spaced)

  • 12 point text

  • Times New Roman font

  • One inch margins

  • Sources must be included (not included in one page maximum)

  • Heading template:

    • Committee Name

    • Country Name

    • School Name

    • Date


Typically position papers are divided into three paragraphs:

Part 1 - Description of the topic as it pertains to one's member state

Part 2 - Official positions of one's member state

Part 3 - Proposed solutions to the topic as described by one's member state

Position papers are due on or before Tuesday, January 9th, 2018. Position papers must be submitted electronically to papers@emunc.org before this date to be considered for awards.

When composing the email, the subject should read: "[Country] Position Paper - Committee" with the appropriate country replacing the blank.

Ex: "Bolivia Paper - UNODC" or "Switzerland Paper - OAS"